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Knowledgeable Agents with Integrity

With John Sieh Agency, you’ll find we provide quick, thorough service and give our clients peace of mind that they’re protected. Our team of insurance agents operate with integrity. You won’t be pushed into over-priced coverage that doesn’t fit your needs; instead, we’ll balance your budget needs with insurance policy options to ensure your coverage is appropriate.

Insurance can be complicated, but you’ll be confident you’ve got the coverage you need as our experts will fully explain your insurance policy. And, when you call with a question, a request or a claim, you’ll speak with your insurance agent directly, not a phone answering service.

Kathryn Johnson - President John Sieh

Kathryn Johnson

President/Producer kathy@jsains.com
Zelos Johnson Vice President/Producer

Zelos Johnson

Vice President / Producer Zelos@jsains.com

Jeff Larson

Producer Jeff@jsains.com

Amanda Rawden

Producer Amandar@jsains.com

Pam Squire

Commercial Lines/Customer Service Pam@jsains.com

April Feldman

Commercial & Farm Assistant april@jsains.com