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Let us find the policies that best fit your lifestyle and budget. We won’t write your policy based solely on what you had in the past; we’ll take the time to get to know you and your insurance needs. We don’t expect you to know what insurance coverage is best; our agents know what questions to ask to ensure you get what you need. As an independent insurance agent we have access to multiple insurance companies, which means we’re sure to find an option that works for your budget as well.

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Home & Dwelling Insurance

Protect the home you’ve saved for. We offer homeowner’s insurance policies with options covering the contents, property, nearby structures (sheds, pool, etc.) and the structure itself. Policies can protect you in the case of damage caused by natural disasters, accidents or theft. Your home is probably your largest investment so it’s important to protect it. If you have a mortgage on your home, homeowner’s insurance may be required by your lender. With so many options to consider, we’re happy to pay a visit to be sure your home is fully protected in the case of a catastrophe.

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Renter’s Insurance

It’s important to remember if you’re living in a rental property (apartment, duplex, house, etc.) you need to protect your belongings because your landlord’s policy does not. Consider if you could afford to replace all of your furniture, clothing and personal items in the case of an accident. Without renter’s insurance, that would be the scenario you faced. A rental coverage policy is dependable and costs less than you may think; certainly worth the peace of mind it provides.

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Auto Insurance

In South Dakota, the owner of a vehicle is required to purchase insurance or provide proof of financial responsibility. If you have a loan on your car, your lender may also require you to purchase auto insurance. At John Sieh Agency you can get an auto insurance policy you can count on at a rate you’re happy with. Car insurance policies are available for collision coverage or comprehensive coverage. Collision coverage protects you from any physical damage to your car as a result of colliding with another object. The alternative auto insurance policy option, comprehensive coverage, pays for damage to your car from almost all other losses other than collision including things like theft, fire, vandalism, hail, etc. We also have policies that can cover medical payments, accidental death, disability, rental vehicles and emergency road service. We’ll walk through the options with you so when it comes time to fixed a cracked windshield, you know who’s covering the cost before you make the appointment.

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Motorcycle Insurance

Enjoy the open road with personalized motorcycle insurance coverage for your bike. Despite how safely you drive your motorcycle, there’s other motorists to consider and it’s best to have adequate coverage in the case of an accident. Motorcycle insurance is also required in the state of South Dakota. There’s a good chance motorcycle insurance isn’t the only insurance policy you have, so we’ll look for opportunities to for savings by having multiple insurance policies with the same company. Your budget is always part of our consideration.

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Sport & Leisure Vehicle Insurance

We offer specialty insurance for things like boats, golf carts and off-road vehicles. While South Dakota doesn’t require insurance on all sport and leisure vehicles, it’s a wise investment to do so. Unforeseen things happen on and off the road, and your investments need to be protected. If it’s got wheels or floats, give us a call to see if we can insure it.

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Personal Liability Insurance

Accidents happen – when you’re on the hook, you need an agent in your court who cares. A personal liability umbrella can protect you when your auto and homeowners policies fall short. Your auto policy puts limits on how much can be paid out as a result of bodily injury to everyone involved in the accident and medical expenses can be pretty steep. A personal liability insurance policy allows for additional coverage to ensure those extra, uncovered costs don’t come out of your pocket. As a homeowner you may be held liable for an accident on your property like a fall on a swing set or slippery sidewalk. Having a personal liability umbrella means your assets are protected from potential claims against you.

Client Testimonial

"We have been with John Sieh Agency for many years and we always receive quick, thorough answers when asked. When we have had claims, John Sieh takes care of them and we don't have surprises so we are confident that we have proper coverage at a fair price, and that is peace of mind with great value."

-Cam Schock

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